Tyler Schweickert

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Where are you from?​​

Tustin, CA

  • National Director of Crease Coach
  • Assistant Coach at Concordia University
  • 2018 All Freshman Team
  • 2019 All Conference
  • 2019 Defensive MVP
  • 2020 Defensive MVP
  • 2021 All-Southwest Goalie of the Year
  • 2022 Conference Goalie of the Year
Interests outside of lacrosse

Skiing, the lake, country music, traveling

Pregame Song?

About to Get Crazy by Oh the Larceny

Favorite sports other than lacrosse?
Favorite Stick

Hockey and football

Advice for young goalies?

Play different sports and fall in love with the position. If you fall in love with the process this game can take you insane places!


Email: tyler@creasecoach.com
Cell: 714-833-4507