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Types of Training

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Crease Coach Training Days

Crease Coach Training Day's are our general training options. These vary between two to three hours depending on location. These sessions focus on building a strong fundamental base while giving goalies game like reps. Each training works on footwork/agility, stick work/outlets, play in the goal and play outside the cage. Check out our upcoming Training Days below!!!


Crease Coach Combines

Crease Coach Combines were created to give goalies from around the country the ability to showcase their talents in front of college coaches as well as compete against the best of the best! Our two hour combine format puts each goalie through agility tests, stick work/clearing tests, and multiple game like scenarios in the goal. We look at 10 sub categories all adding up to an overall rating, which is used to rank the goalies in their respective classes!

Click the link below to see what is included when coming to our Combines!

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